Lab testing facility

Gimatex Analytical Laboratory provides the testing facility for variable parameters for testing & instrumental testing’s for oil, fats, water analysis

  • Fatty acid composition Colour
  • Refractive Index Cloud point
  • Flash point & fire point Melting point
  • Saponification value Unsaponification value
  • Iodine value Soap sample- TFM,FFA,CFM
  • Wash water- TFM,FFA,CFM
  • Water analysis- R.O., Feed water, Softener water, Raw water, Blow down water

Corporate Office

Gimatex Industries Pvt.Ltd.
Ram Mandir Ward, Hinganghat - 442301,
Dist. Wardha, Maharashtra, India

+91 7798438866 +91 7798475511

Plant Address

Gimatex Industries Pvt. Ltd., CSP Unit,
Survey No. 178, Village Wani, Wardha Road, Tah. Hinganghat - 442301,
Dist. Wardha, Maharashtra, India

+91 7798531166, 7767078822
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