State of art technology provided by Carver Inc. which is having about 200 years of experience in treating white cotton seed with its expertise as follows-
  • To remove impurities from raw white cotton seed
  • To recover valuable products from a by product or waste stream
  • To purify and enhance end product which is black cotton seed
  • To separate further byproduct into much valuable product which is Linters (Lints)
  • To minimize waste disposal needs through their automated conveying system

Corporate Office

Gimatex Industries Pvt.Ltd.
Ram Mandir Ward, Hinganghat - 442301,
Dist. Wardha, Maharashtra, India

+91 7798438866 +91 7798475511

Plant Address

Gimatex Industries Pvt. Ltd., CSP Unit,
Survey No. 178, Village Wani, Wardha Road, Tah. Hinganghat - 442301,
Dist. Wardha, Maharashtra, India

+91 7798531166, 7767078822
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