Solvent Extraction

Pretreatment For Solvent Extraction
  • Unlike the traditional oilseed preparatory units, this unit is also involes the same technology, with a difference that an extra softening Kettle (cooker) which is place horizontally in order to achieve more cooking for cotton oil seeds so as to extract as much oil as possible.
  • The technology also involves separation of Hulls (Outer Shell) and Kernel (Inner Meal) through advanced dehulling and separation process, which works precisely so as to remove as much Hulls as possible to get the better quality of flakes.
  • Hulls separated from black cotton seed with specialized conveying system, packed separately for further used as a product in oil cakes in cattle feeds and petroleum drilling operations (mud additives) & mushroom cultivation composts.
  • Optimal control of the temperature at various points could yield product with high level of digestibility and nutrition.

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